Homeless, Hurricane, and Hate

In Texas, there is a hurricane raging right now. Houses are flooding and being ruined. May people will become homeless from this. Many of those good folk don’t have home owners insurance and will become homeless. Will they be shunned?

How exactly should we shun the Hurricane Homeless?

Now, these are not people who are becoming homeless due to drugs or alcohol. These are not people who were fired from their employment either.

That said, homeless is homeless.

So how long do we wait before beating down their self-esteem . Do we wait days or months before we can call them bums? I need to know. I have scoured all the dear Abby articles and nothing is clearly stated.

Yes, we could have compassion because this is a storm and an act of God or nature – but that would require me to ask individual questions – to care about actual individual people.

Well, I object.

Lumping people and grouping them together is easier and more convenient. I can make sure that I am better off, and therefore better than a swath of folks and speak down to them.

*this is satire

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