Imagine – what do you do?

Your options:

  1. Stay Home
  2. Stay with family
  3. Stay in a motel
  4. Rent an apartment
  5. Move to a shelter
  6. Become homeless

The Rules:

Whatever choice you make, your kids come with you.

You have enough money for 2 weeks in a motel, one month in an apartment, 2 months with family, forever homeless or forever in the streets.

If you were in a relationship and living with your spouse or lover – and the relationship gets a little volatile. He starts yelling every day.

What do you do?

You are planning a night out with your friends but your partner punches your face. Now you don’t want to go. Your eye is puffing out and turning black.

What do you do?

Your partner starts showing up at your work, stalking you and you find proof that he is stalking you. –  You have enough money for a hotel for 2 nights, or you can go to the shelter or become homeless. Or you can be at home. What do you do?

DCFS contacts you because your child has mentioned the abuse at school. The worker suggests family counseling, or you have to leave the relationship. You are now at risk of losing custody of your kids. –

What do you do? 

It has been my experience that Domestic Abuse is the leading cause of homelessness with the women and mothers I have met who are poor or homeless.

Disclaimer I was fortunate enough to be able to get my own house so I could escape Darla’s dad.  Donald Nelson was so brazen that he used to post on his Facebook page about hitting me and his friends would respond, ” She probably deserved it”.


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