Gaslighting and Why We Don’t Leave Abusers

“How could these parents bring their kids to live on the street ?” vs “Why did you stay when he hit you?” As I have been saying for years, many of my clients have become homeless because they needed to escape an abusive relationship. They left. They escaped. They took their kids with them. DuringContinue reading “Gaslighting and Why We Don’t Leave Abusers”

Homeless, Hurricane, and Hate

In Texas, there is a hurricane raging right now. Houses are flooding and being ruined. May people will become homeless from this. Many of those good folk don’t have home owners insurance and will become homeless. Will they be shunned? How exactly should we shun the Hurricane Homeless? Now, these are not people who areContinue reading “Homeless, Hurricane, and Hate”

Imagine – what do you do?

Your options: Stay Home Stay with family Stay in a motel Rent an apartment Move to a shelter Become homeless The Rules: Whatever choice you make, your kids come with you. You have enough money for 2 weeks in a motel, one month in an apartment, 2 months with family, forever homeless or forever inContinue reading “Imagine – what do you do?”

EBT limitations . . . good or bad

The uptight Responsible Republican in me wants to regulate everything and ensure the money given to recipients is used wisely and in ways I would spend it on their behalf.  I am a control freak. Apparently, I am not the only one: “The locations where you can use your EBT card to withdraw cash mayContinue reading “EBT limitations . . . good or bad”

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