There is always room for improvement

So I am away from school and back at work because it is summer time.
It has been months and months since I have worked at my office and there are so much that I have forgotten. There is so much that has changed. Not only are there program changes and computer changes there have been changes in me. And also I’ve been hanging out in the more relaxed atmosphere for the last nine months so I have to relearn how to acclimatize, is that a word?, to a formal structure and hierarchy of power.
Here is where we hope my supervisors are filled with lots and lots of patience. I can remember from my earliest days being pulled into the principal’s office so the supervisor’s office and it always still fills me with that sense of dread, the what did I do now? The is it going to end the world? The cold sweat the flop sweat they’re nervousness.
There’s a growth curve and I are old enough to adapt gracefully but I do not know if I am emotionally skilled enough to.

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