Goodness of Fit in Volunteering

Created with Microsoft Fresh PaintEarlier this week I got an early morning text from one of my more interesting acquaintances. He wanted to know if I worked with the homeless population because he was interested in exploring involvement with these services.

Happy dancing ensued. I have no rhythm so it was ugly – but joyful. About 4 years ago I tried to connect this dude with some like minds. Not because of the good work he could do – and yes, he is fully capable of great good things – but because I always like a good romance, or in this case, I smell a BROMANCE.

Do you ever think about the people you know from all of your social circles and realize that you could play a rousing hand of “Go Fish” with the matches and pairs of similar people in your hand? No? Oh, well I do. I amuse myself by thinking about pairings of people the same way that others make combinations of chocolate and wine. I love people, so this is what I do.

I want to introduce S* and R* (who are already cohorts) to J*. R has a depth of soul that few humans manage to know exist, much less achieve. Goodness drips out of his pours but he is no hippy slacker, he is a “type A” go-getter with awesome chef skills. I am perpetually bummed that I am not more like him.  S is all kinds of personality fun. He can toss out one-liners while balancing double column accounts and quoting insulin price fluctuations. He is a patient and awesome father and he lets my little daughter play with his in his office. Enter J. J is fun, he goes places, does things, knows stuff and is learning to cook (do you hear that R, he cooks!). He runs a concierge tech business with a couple of other guys so I know that male friendship is in his wheelhouse.

Why is this important to me? Well, because great changes come from great teams – and great teams have teammates  who like each other and respect the products of the groupings.

I am hoping this works out, I smell Bromance and great things.

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