Atheist cause poverty? is the Bible, then there is the Prosperity Gospel, and then there is Economics.

Could you hold my earrings? I’m going in.

Poverty is caused by lots of things, lack of work, lack of skill to do available work, poor education, no transportation, inadequate child care options, mental illness, physical illness, family trauma, criminal past… but not Atheism.
Seriously, not Atheism.

If you need to go all hardcore Bible on me, then you need to admit that most of the people in the Bible are what we would now consider to be dirt poor. Adam and Eve did not have clothing or a house or indoor plumbing or even a television. Egypt faced a food shortage. People were telling the future by interpreting dreams. Most of the populace could not read or write. Jesus didn’t have a car or socks are probably clean underwear for everyday of the week.

Poverty sucks. That’s a fact. But it is not the worst thing that could ever happen to you and it is not the result of godlessness. People like this drive me up the wall with her craziness. What hat is her point?

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