To the Parents Kicking out Kids Who are Gay & Transsexuals

I read an article in The Blaze about The Boy Scouts accepting transgendered and gay children . . . Or as I call them, children who already face challenges.

40% of the 1.6 million children who are homeless each year identify as gay or Transgendered.

Funny, I always thought the Christian stance was to love your neighbor not bully, chastise, and yell at them and write angry articles to them on a public forum.

My Christmas, the dude in the book, The Holy Bible, accepted everyone: prostitute,tax collector, Samaritan… as a Christian daughter of a loving God who made man in Wonderful complexity I dare not say I know human nature better than He, not should I judge it. . . The Bible says someth8ng about that too.

When I was pregnant the first time I made a trip to church to ask God to not make me "spineless’ so that I clung to the valuations of others but to keep me strong enough to allow my kids to become themselves.

I wanted to make room for them not to be afraid to share their doubts and fears and wants and truths. I did not want my children to have to hide any part of themselves because it was against my moral code.

I asked God to help me be a mother, and not a dictator… so that if my children were anything I was not, they would be loved and accepted as God’s creation. God’s work. And I wouldn’t blame Satan for anything about them I didn’t share.

And I prayed to God to give other people love and strength to welcome my children.

To have tall doors in case my kids had height, to have lots of chairs in case my kids were popular, to have a variety of food incase my kids are vegan or have allergies, to have policies that showed they were loved and accepted as they are or believe themselves to be… because that belief is a conversation with God.

I am ashamed of this article. I am bewildered that anyone would use God’s name as a battering ram against children.

Let the children come… not " Let the kids who self identify in ways I approve come ".

The Devil isn’t making folks gay. The Devil is letting you judge and hate your kids for being transgendered, gay, bisexual, or a social deviant.

It takes courage to love your neighbor.

Be strong.

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