Poor People Shouldn’t Buy…

I don’t want my tax dollars to pay for all kinds of things. When my taxes are spent with the Military, I am not asked for an opinion about which brand of ammunition should be purchased. My Education tax dollars do not give me an invitation to decide which texts should be in the curriculum, the placement of desks in a room, the subcontracted uniform vendor elections. My say in how my taxes are used kind of end with me forking over the money and an occasional ballot item.

And then there is the views on Cash Aid and Food Stamps.

Everyone has views on how the recipients should be selected and how they might be allowed to use the funds.

“I don’t want Food Stamps to pay for steaks”

“Food Stamps should only buy fresh veggies, not frozen or canned”

“People on cash aid should have to spend every dollar they have and sell every belonging and become homeless before they are allowed to apply for cash assistance”

“Cash Aid should not be accessible through ATM machines in theme parks . . . because no poor people should ever go to Universal Studios or be gifted with a trip to Disneyland.”

“Medicaid funds should only cover broken bones and emergencies, I do’t want to supplement Big Pharma, Birth Control, dental care or anything more than a band aid for those poor people.”

“Why do beggars or buskers singing for money even have guitars?”


I am wondering…. do you think your say ends when you pay?

Why do we feel okay judging the worthiness of individuals because we actually see them use the program next to us in the grocery line and other public places? Do we judge because we associate poverty with being bad?


Please comment and tell me how you feel about this.

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