Clear Label 

This might be the most user-friendly thing I have seen yet. The rules for how to manage and use a food stamp card are not complex but often hidden. You can buy cold chicken but not hot chicken. But what about pre-packed is chicken? I like that this grocery store has taken the moment toContinue reading “Clear Label “

Los Angeles’s New Map for Overnight

If you live in your car or have to sleep in your car overnight, you need to know about the new rules for where this is legal. Restrictions have been placed to keep you away from parks, schools and day cars. (Apparently the LA City council thinks you are all child molesters ?) Do you seeContinue reading “Los Angeles’s New Map for Overnight”

Join the Resistance 

If the normal order of business is to buy yourself into a job, to use cronyism to save money for your friends, and to ignore the little guy, then I say we have to resist. I’m contemplating wearing my hair like this every day as a symbol of my resistance to the current forces andContinue reading “Join the Resistance “

To the Parents Kicking out Kids Who are Gay & Transsexuals

I read an article in The Blaze about The Boy Scouts accepting transgendered and gay children . . . Or as I call them, children who already face challenges. 40% of the 1.6 million children who are homeless each year identify as gay or Transgendered. Funny, I always thought the Christian stance was to loveContinue reading “To the Parents Kicking out Kids Who are Gay & Transsexuals”

Poor People Shouldn’t Buy…

I don’t want my tax dollars to pay for all kinds of things. When my taxes are spent with the Military, I am not asked for an opinion about which brand of ammunition should be purchased. My Education tax dollars do not give me an invitation to decide which texts should be in the curriculum,Continue reading “Poor People Shouldn’t Buy…”

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