The Women’s March in LA. My “why”

We all have that one friend who won’t let truth or experience get in the way of their political ideologies. I came home today from the women’s March (which I only went to because I watched Trump talk at the CIA and stand in front of the memorial stars of men and women who use their integrity and loyalty and intelligence to keep us safe and those same qualities led to their choosing a career that led to their deaths), and Trump took that opportunity to talk about the size of the crowd yesterday at his inauguration. He did not thank the CIA for the hard work that they do, for their history of excellent work, or to remind them that the average American citizen is both in a and a little and fear of them and their ability to suss out information across the globe to keep us safe.

I wanted my daughter to see the people of America that I love, and so we went to Downtown LA. When I came back I had a friend tell me that marches are unnecessary because women are treated equally and no one’s ever treated her less because of her gender. When I told her that I had not had that experience she told me that as a young woman I should have sought out other answers.

Kathey Arnold has been a nurse for 2 years and wanted to tell me how the medical profession treated young pregnant women 23 years ago. She notified with her words the pain and frustration of my experience. I wanted my daughter to see all the women and men who would stand up for her rights to be treated as an individual and to make her own choices.

When I came home I was told that that experience was a necessary because no women in America are ever treated a second-class citizens.

#AmericanCitizen #Womensmarch

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