In the E.R. with NO health Insurance 

Yesterday I was admitted to the Emergency Room for neuropathy and dizziness .   I had called the advice nurse the night before and was told to come in immediately. As you know I am a single mother, so I had to wait until I had child care.

I walked into Urgent Care and they plopped me into a wheelchair and sent me to the E.R. where I was informed that I would need to agree to pay out of pocket for my visit.

Wait. What?

I sent the County of Los Angeles HR about $1600 a month to continue my benefits at the same level as when I was paid. this is a better rate the going Cobra for myself and my daughters. I have called several times to double check the amount and check for receipt of payment, so why does Kaiser think my coverage ended October 31st ?

I declined medical tests  yesterday out of fear that I could not pay for them. I refused a CT scan because I can’t pay for that. Who could?

Today I called and the HR accounting of my payments is 1 shy of what my bank says I paid, but HR insists that I have coverage but the “group plan” changed. Gee, I specifically asked them about the letter I received from Kaiser telling me to cut up my membership card because it is not  valid and was told by the County of Los Angeles to “disregard ” that letter and left with the impression that I didn’t need to follow up with

Get it together people! 

This is me, in a hospital bed wondering how I am going to pay for my visit and wondering get if I can just learn to live with the numbness… it isn’t like I’ve ever hopped up and broken a leg because I couldn’t feel it…oh wait, I have and now I limp so I really want to find out what’s going on !

I and my in sabbatical from the county this year while I work on my MSW at USC. incase you and wondering if have earned all A’s and joined the Honor Society so I am making the most of my time. I do love working in the Calworks, Medi-Cal , and CalFresh programs and my home office is amazing, but I do wonder if they are sending me a message. Part of the reason I decided to take the sabbatical is because a supervisor told me I was too  fat and would squish my desk mate

Can I ask for the money back since I wasn’t able to use the services I paid for (medical and dental)?  I am borrowing out of my retirement to pay for insurance that I don’t have and have not had for 3 months! Isn’t it a crime to take money for a good or service and then casually refuse to provide the service or good ?  Should I protest? Do I call the union? 

What is going on?

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