Dot Head … Freedom of Hate Speech 

There has been a change in our culture within the last week. Has there been a change in your behavior ?

wp-1479185700669.pngA proposed change in-country leadership has put a man who has used words and phrases that alienates pacific groups of people. A man who is followed and celebrated by the white power in Klu Klux Klan and older white gentleman is posed to accept the presidency in the beginning of next year.

Leaders lead. Followers follow.
What I love about the country of the United States of America is that our Preamble says we the people.

We are the people. This is our government and it is made out of us and it is for us. All of us.

It is up to each of us to accept a role and lead one another in a path of decency no matter who hold official positions of power. Your president will set the country’s business agenda and will be in charge of writing how we interact with

Your president cannot dictate what is decent or socially acceptable. You decide the words that come out of your fingertips and tongue: the president does not.


So before you say something which marginalizes you in the history books as somebody who uses hate speech or disparages entire groups of people based on their religious and cultural habits or the color of their skin or the type of employment in which they have or where they live or where they are from or what they’re fleeing or what language they speak or what is in their underwear or what they wish was in there underwear or what is in their heart or where they pray and even if they pray, give a good thought to how you sound. Are you the president of your soul? Are you exercising good judicial and executive judgement?

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