Be a Safety Pin

Hopefully you were told to “be kind” when you were growing up.

Hopefully you were told to “do unto others as you wanted them to do to you“.

Hopefully were told to be loving and tolerant and accepting of others.

But maybe you weren’t, and maybe you are a special snowflake who needed to be first and needed to think that you are better than everyone else. Maybe you just accidentally discovered that things were easier for you than they were for everyone. Maybe you are entitled to the best of everything and to have strangers smile for you and move so that you have a place to sit on the bus.

Maybe you never thought that racism was a real thing because it never impacted you, no matter what color your skin was. Maybe you think you’re  color-blind because you never noticed that your friends came from other cultures or ethnicities or colors.

None of that excuses you from recognizing the fact the not everyone is treated as equals in a country where our Constitution says ” all men are created” equals….(unless you were a black man because then you were 3/4th of a person and women were still property….).

Life is not fair but you should be. You should be fair.

I have read the Torah and The Quran  and The Holy Bible and studied Hinduism. Each of these Professor basic belief and leading by serving and kindness. Each of these believe power of inner goodness and Enlightenment.

I have noticed that we are not always kind to one another. I have noticed that I am not always kind. I get mad and I name call. I get into swearing contest where I always win. I am super extra really very good at being a b****. If being an awful person or an Olympic sport, I would metal internationally.

But right now I want to tell you about being fair and being kind and healing rooms. I want to talk to you about taking the torn pieces of our country and putting it back together. I want to talk to you about safety.

Be a safety pin.

Perhaps you really think that your skin color makes you better than somebody else. Okay, I get that. Hopefully you will not go out into the world and say that out loud because that will make you sound incredibly stupid and aweful.

Perhaps you believe in the depths of your soul that your religious standing is proof that God loves you more than he loves anyone else and you are the best person on the face of the Earth and already pre-selected to go into heaven and pass judgement on other people. Fabulous! That’s wonderful! Good for you! Keep that information to yourself, it does not sound good. It makes you sound elitist, stuck up, and just a little bit very much crazy.

Maybe you are attracted to somebody that the world says you can’t be in love with. Perhaps this gives you a deep burning pain. Do not go into the world and pass judgement on anybody else you suspect has the same feelings. Please worry only about yourself and learning to accept and love yourself without interfering with anybody else’s acceptance of themselves.

Love yourself like mad. Appreciate and know your value. Let others convert to believing you are terrific without screaming this good news in their faces.

Don’t write your self praise on buildings. resist the urge to spray paint your opinions of others on walls and cars or churches . 

Be a safety pin

  • Refuse to let anyone else be hateful in your hearing or sight .  
  • Defend anyone being picked on. 
  • Protest oppression 
  • Teach your children to be fair
  • Take a hard look at who you spend time with and how you behave as a group
  • Smile at strangers
  • Do small and large acts of kindness as many years times a day as you can
  • Ask yourself “what is true for me in this moment” before you act poorly
  • Give others room and permission to be their true selves
  • Listen to the voices of dissenters and try to understand

Be a Safety Pin 

   or at the very least, don’t be a sucky person.


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