What is it really like to walk into the DPSS in Van Nuys

Sometimes I come in wearing a badge. today I am here as a member of the public seeking aid.

  1. Going  through security I had too much in my pockets…. ( “I am here until 5”, said the guard with a smile.)
  2. I’m in line to talk to the kiosk worker. Without  looking up she sends me to reception.

  3. stand  in reception line and am told that I missed my appointment so my case was denied 2 days ago and they won’t use the same application to reopen the case because “it was never approved” . I do not correct the  worker and she gives me a new printer view worksheet.

  4. I fight and lose my battle with their pen.

The first pen is literally “sketchy “

5. 10 minutes later a security guard hands me the wallet I left by the broken pen

  1. I wait and wait ….. and wait. I have been here for an hour and have not seen an application yet.
  • I try their pens again.

  • Broke with a broken pen
    Broken pen, maybe they don’t want me to apply.
    1. I discover the seating is too low and has no armrests. If I sit I might be trapped.
  • I am regretting that the online application does not work well and I have to be in LA at 1pm. 

  • my face is breaking out in hives from nerves.

  • I notice the calls of “next” and watch the  flow of clients through the lobby. nour one is yelling, everyone is pleasant , everything is slow but survivable . 

  • To be continued …

    Lobby art of DPSS Zev Yaroslavsky building

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