Slavery is Keeping Me Awake

t is 2 am and I am awake. Every semester I have ever done in college has been focused on a theme – sometimes related to course work and sometimes on my own for fun. .

At CSULB I: learned to draw faces, read about the history of abortions and women’s health, learned to use industrial kitchen equipment .At Citrus I explored adaptive technologies, the history of rock and roll, and bowling (I am terrible still).
At La Verne I studied cults, Russian and French Literature, and Urban Decay with a final thesis done on the “Definition of Sex”.

At USC I have mastered the Los Angeles Freeways, and dug into homelessness among Vets.

Please explain why I decided that this semester I picked Human Trafficking – every paper is on human trafficking and it is noxious, nasty and unnerving.

Actually – I can tell you that I had just finished a bit of pulp fiction on the subject when I had to pick a research topic.

I am so sorry
I can’t sleep

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