Dot Head … Freedom of Hate Speech 

There has been a change in our culture within the last week. Has there been a change in your behavior ? A proposed change in-country leadership has put a man who has used words and phrases that alienates pacific groups of people. A man who is followed and celebrated by the white power in KluContinue reading “Dot Head … Freedom of Hate Speech “

What is it really like to walk into the DPSS in Van Nuys

Sometimes I come in wearing a badge. today I am here as a member of the public seeking aid. Going  through security I had too much in my pockets…. ( “I am here until 5”, said the guard with a smile.) I’m in line to talk to the kiosk worker. Without  looking up she sendsContinue reading “What is it really like to walk into the DPSS in Van Nuys”

Slavery is Keeping Me Awake

t is 2 am and I am awake. Every semester I have ever done in college has been focused on a theme – sometimes related to course work and sometimes on my own for fun. . At CSULB I: learned to draw faces, read about the history of abortions and women’s health, learned to useContinue reading “Slavery is Keeping Me Awake”

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