What just happened?

Dear Stuart of Best Buy store 1511 in Pacoima,

I was just in your store. I had to ask for a manager three separate times. I was verbally assaulted by a customer in the presence of two different sales people and they did not stop the interaction even though I asked the other customer to walk away.

The blind salesman at the end of this photo yelled at me from across the store and interjected himself in my conversation with the sales person I was working with at the front of the picture. I went into your store to pay bill and to buy a full-priced smartphone from Verizon. I explain this to the salesperson once I found one who would help me. I stood in line at customer service and the people behind me were served while I was ignored until I attracted the attention of a manager by loudly complaining.

I explained it all I needed to do was buy a new phone. Your sales person did not listen to my needs and was not following my lead. He wanted to look into my account and check out my upgrade date and upgrade status and he was concerned about my termination fees and none of that apply to me. I maintain that I simply needed to buy a phone and could he help me pick out a phone. He then charge Carlos and started asking Carlos questions about my account instead of walking me over to the phones and helping me pick one out.

I went to the customer service desk by the exit and ask to speak to a new manager and explain what was going on and walked her through my experience where then a customer came up and started yelling at me and my five year old daughter and the customer service people in your store did nothing I stood there between two blue shirt at Best Buy employees while this man verbally accosted me and your store employees did nothing to stop it.

They should have called the police. I was being harassed but a customer in your store in their presence and all they said was that they can only control the employee’s behavior that they did not want to lose a customer by asking him to stop his aggressive behavior.

I expect you to call me. 626-755-8015. I expect an answer. I will be filing a police report and I will be complaining with corporate. This is not acceptable. Every time I come into your store this service is worse.

They told me that when you took over the store you would correct the situation. I have not seen any evidence that your salespeople address customers as they walk around the store and have them help and today I did not see any evidence that your sales people are very good at their jobs.

Please tell me why I should patronize Best Buy.


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