50% of Homeless Women have Experienced Sexual Violence

The #Trumptapes have made sexual assault a topic of conversation again. Donald Trump said he likes to grab pussies. FYI, “Pussy” is a synonym for vagina. Grabbing one without permission is violating someone. He said women let hem do anything to their bodies because he is a celebrity.

That logic translates often to housed people thinking that homeless people should be so thankful for being noticed that they will hand over dignity. Homeless people are expected to be thankful for being put on YouTube accepting shoes off the feet of donors who have strategically placed a camera to capture the interaction. Craigslist has ads offering free housing to beautiful homeless women in exchange for being a sexual “resource” – in other words turning themselves into a sex slave for housing.

The idea that access to the sexual features of a woman can always be trans actual ( for the fame or housing) demeans women and reduces them to a commodity.

How do you feel about that?





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