Politics are Personal

“All politics are local”-Tip O, when speaker of the house

I take politics personally because they touch my lifeet. The laws and the people who pass them create the system in which we live.

We have clean water.
We are not being bombed.
My kids have access to vaccinations.
Our food is safe to eat.
Our cars don’t usually explode.
Our Internet is more than 18 sites.

When you say you want the Notorious R.B.Gary. lynched, I wonder what the hell is wrong with you…for a couple of reasons.

When you support people for President to because you “want to throw a hand grenade” in the system… I wonder where your brain and heart are.

When you pontificate that someone who doesn’t do their own job particularly well and throws 3 am temper tantrums on social media should be President… I wonder if I will ever trust your judgement again.

Politics isn’t a Team Sport where one side wins or loses. Politics is a Group Event and we all win or lose.

If you post an “Open Letter”, I will post an open response.

If you can’t find facts that have been verified by more than 2 sources, “shhhh”, or call it what it is “Speculation”

If all you can contribute to the group is hate speech and prejudice, have a long talk with yourself and then with people who don’t agree with you. Are you entrenched or too proud to change your mind?

You are not the 1%, you don’t need to worry that you have “rich people problems”, you have Middle Class Problem so though they sick, no one is chopping off your kids arms.and making them dig for diamonds – so maybe complain less about the tiny fraction you contribute to Welfare Programs and be glad the government won’t let you starve.

If you have thoughtful points to discuss, and ballot measures to explore – I want to see them.
If you just can’t figure out why you can’t agree with science and research and math (basic, algebra or measured by Common CORE standards) – find the Unfriendly button and pull that trigger. You know how I feel about intellectually able people who insist on being stupid. Go away.

If you have thoughtful points to discuss, and ballot measures to explore – I want to see them.picsart_09-30-10-12-54

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