Politics are Personal

“All politics are local”-Tip O, when speaker of the house I take politics personally because they touch my lifeet. The laws and the people who pass them create the system in which we live. We have clean water. We are not being bombed. My kids have access to vaccinations. Our food is safe to eat.Continue reading “Politics are Personal”

The US Debt is $19.3 Trillion Dollars:Blame the Poor People

This always gets me. A sweet girl (Amy Cudworth)  I knew in Jr. High posted a rant about how families could and are abusing the welfare system and she personally is paying for them. Dear Amy, your simple knee jerk reaction was to look at the most visible consumers of American Tax Dollars and assume theyContinue reading “The US Debt is $19.3 Trillion Dollars:Blame the Poor People”

All School day at @usc

Every year the School of Social Work has an ally School Day. This year we celebrate the renaming if a building. I kinda hope they give out all the merchandise with the old name away for free. These are the faces I see in all of my classes. They are my friends, my partners inContinue reading “All School day at @usc”

This Assisted Living Facility Is Designed to Look Like a Neighborhood

I love this idea. I worked in an locked down Alzheimer unit for a while and I think the patients would really have warmed to this. https://shar.es/1wxtQl The elaborate interior layout is meant to help patients with anxiety and depression. This message was sent using ShareThis (http://www.sharethis.com)

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