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My little one started Kindergarten yesterday. I posted her photo in Facebook and enjoyed the comments updating the ad I waited out the hours before I would see her again and hear about her new adventure.

One of the comments.was from the mother of a childhood friend, she said she remembered my first day of Kindergarten.

My first day was very different from the slow morning of juice and giggles and snack packing the two of us enjoy as a mommy daughter morning. Her whole life has been wildly different than mine was at her age – and that is wonderful.

I started Kindergarten at Holly Avenue in Arcadia California three days after the year had started . There had to be enough space for me since I had no paperwork on February and was being enrolled by someone not related to me and with no legal rights to care for me. I had never been to day care or preschool and could not name a letter. However, I could roll a joint, pinch a roach clip, and tell you what a gun shot sounds like. I could tell you how to sleep in the metal rocketship in the park undetected over night and how to charm a grown up out of hitting you. By my first day of Kindergarten I had said goodbye to my mother for the last time and still believed my baby brother and older sister would magically reappear in my life for naps under Mrs. Websters table.

I walked into a class where Jennifer Balmot, Kelsey Hertwig, Kathy Little, and Kristi Powell were the "it" group and had known each other from Preschool and growing up on the same street. Me? I was sleeping in some old lady’s library (not a bad gig, by the way). I met Molly Johnson who inexplicably became my very first friend and taught me to write the word "love". At recess I could see my brother Shane on the big Kids playground while I jumped off the top of the baby jungle gym elevated in the Kindergarten yard. I still have the scars from falling down.

Basically, I still have scars.

I know Darla misses her Dad and her sisters and sometimes is sad that I am the only family in her world right now; but she is safe and secure in her own bedroom. She had homework tonight and asked me of she spelled.’watermelon’ correctly. She had.

Homelessness doesn’t just touch Moms and Dad’s- it creates anxiety and uncertainty for the children that can’t ever be completely erased because it is part of the fundamental years and development.

End Homelessness as soon as you can, for a single child, a family, or all together.

New beginnings start every day, but foundations are only laid once.

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