God Blessed us with Mollie

When I decided to focus in social work, I chose to specialize in Homelessness.
I searched and researched all of the programs, services, and outlets serving the most marginalized of America’s citizens.

I found LAMP and stalked them for months until they finally agreed to interview me. My first interview was with Mollie Lowery.

"So you know you’re white, right? Why would a white girl from a rich neighborhood like Arcadia want to work on Skid Row?".

I started this blog while working at LAMP. I have written about her before.

Mollie was not a warm person, the sharp edges of her protruding bones echoed the angles of her personality, and these were great traits. She used her edges to cut through the crap of politics, budgets, mental health and the roadblocks thrown at anyone helping people living with AIDS, and severe mental illness.

When Jim was diagnosed with Cancer she called me back into her office and demanded to know what my care plan was. Why? Because, she said, if I fancied myself a "case manager", I had to manage the lives of others.

Mollie and Arianna changed the way I see the world and expanded my horizons.

You will probably never have met her, but you will miss her when you see the way that Skid Row is about to go into to a deeper decline.

God Blessed us all with Mollie, and to show our gratitude.we each should take up some.part of her work and passion and help someone else.

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