Dreams on fire

When I was 10 years old I had a recurring nightmare. I dreamt that my family and I for it power station wagon driving through the desert. And the world was on fire.

We were stopping at gas stations to get gasoline so that then we could race from one gas station to the next trying to stay ahead of leaving fire.

In my dream the world was orange and the air was orange and thick and Dusty with smoke. The ground was orange with the glow a fire from all around us.

35 years later I am driving through that exact scenery.

I am happy that my entire family is safe and I do not live near this fire, other than near enough that my car looks like it snowed on with that.

But I worry for all the people who have just become homeless because their world has gone up in flames and I worry for all the homeless in the area who suddenly don’t have even the Clean Air to breathe which was their one and only luxury from before.

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