To Serve and Protect

I think we have discussed my experiences with excellent policing … from the police who came everytime we had to call 911 toward the end of my Great grandmother’s and mother’s lives as their health consistently failed, the police who arrived when I accidentally had a baby in the bathroom, 3 years later when that baby almost drowned, when my old Chevy ran out of gas on Santa Anita, when my Dad had an illegal yard sale, when the police called to tell me not to be afraid but they were in the back yard following a suspect and my dogs were safe but would probably start barking, when my car was stolen. And broken I to, when my door blew open and my neighbors thought the place was ransacked (true story) while I was out of town, and the officer who ticketed me then hugged me after my first car accident.

I believe in the police. When policing is done well, it is amazing and such a blessing to a community. As my five year old will tell you Karma the police force I like the Knights of the Round Table in an old fashioned Kingdom. She hears sirens and says "Help is on the way".

However, I have seen police kick my friends, scare homeless people, harass my friends for turning down offers for dates, arrest a homeless man for loitering at starbucks within seconds of him drinking the last of his coffee, and refuse to come out of the air conditioned police station into the 100 degree summer heat when I found the dead body of a client.

Clearly my list of positive encounters is longer than the negative, and I believe that there are more great people serving as officers than there are misfits. I know everyone can have an "off day", and even the nicest person can lose patience.

Policing is a hard job with unappealing views of society as a whole and individual nastiness on a micro level. The police see the child abuse, spousal abuse, theft, murder, assault, suicide, over dosing and human trafficking that we all ignore and then enjoy in night time television dramas.

I could not do it. The last time I broke up a fight in public , I bit a man, asked him of he kissed his mother with that foul mouth and told him to get off the bus and sit in a time.out (my oldest was 4 years old at the time, time outs were a thing ).

It is important to know that you can be pro-police and #blacklivesmatter at the same time. It is easy to know history, study trends and attitudes toward minorities and recognize racism and the unspoken caste system in America, all while being extremely thankful for the professionals sworn to keep the peace, enforce the laws and protect and serve everyone.

It is possible, and I think preferable, to love everyone and want to see all people and professions respected.

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