Child Care, All That Stands Between Us and Poverty.

Dear LAUSD and all public schools, Please make more room in your after school care program. I can’t be the only parent facing this challenge.  I could not work if I did not have child care and I could not afford child care if I did not work. Right now I am a single motherContinue reading “Child Care, All That Stands Between Us and Poverty.”

God Blessed us with Mollie

When I decided to focus in social work, I chose to specialize in Homelessness. I searched and researched all of the programs, services, and outlets serving the most marginalized of America’s citizens. I found LAMP and stalked them for months until they finally agreed to interview me. My first interview was with Mollie Lowery. reading “God Blessed us with Mollie”

Dreams on fire

When I was 10 years old I had a recurring nightmare. I dreamt that my family and I for it power station wagon driving through the desert. And the world was on fire. We were stopping at gas stations to get gasoline so that then we could race from one gas station to the nextContinue reading “Dreams on fire”

I was a Republican Conservative

I was a proud Republican Conservative until it became my job to help people live in dignity. You can be proud to be an American And love your neighbors who are not. You can disagree with the leadership And express that in words requiring thought. You can wade into poverty To pull out people whoContinue reading “I was a Republican Conservative”

To Serve and Protect

I think we have discussed my experiences with excellent policing … from the police who came everytime we had to call 911 toward the end of my Great grandmother’s and mother’s lives as their health consistently failed, the police who arrived when I accidentally had a baby in the bathroom, 3 years later when thatContinue reading “To Serve and Protect”

Homeless Man Owes Government Over $110,000 In Fines For Being Homeless

I’ve seen LAPD use ticketing as a way to control and coerce homeless people. This is crazy

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