NO! Do not criminalizing living in cars

A roof.
Doors that lock.
A safe place where you are seperated from the outside…. for some people the only Refuge they have is their car. They are homeless but they still have their car. The car comes air conditioning and heating and the ability to get the kids to school or themselves to work. Yes someone was people do work.

Los Angeles would like to make sleeping in your car illegal. They would like to not see people sleeping in their car in the middle of the night.

Do you know who else would like to not see people sleeping in their cars? Homeless people who sleep in their cars would much rather have a bed and a door and a toilet, but all they have is a door and a ceiling and a carseat.

Perhaps if we would stop criminalizing the symptoms of homelessness and stop spouting so loudly about how we want to end homelessness and put that effort and energy into actual policies and ways to help people we could actually end homelessness. I have been listening for the last 20 years to people say that they were going to solve homelessness in the next 10 years or that they have a new initiative or a new plan and then the effort Peters out.

It seems like a big call the action and a publicity stunt when I see mark ridley-thomas talking about how he wants his constituents to help him and homelessness. Dude! We have been out here forever trying to solve this and help people one-by-one and in large groups. What have you been doing?

Set the publicity stunts aside and get to business.

In the meantime, don’t ask people to be less safe because it hurts your eyes to see them.

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