A Luxury of Neighbors

This morning my car would not start. I spent 30 seconds calculating the time an Uber car would take, and another 30 seconds wondering how long AAA.

Then I looked around and saw my neighbor had not left for work yet. One quick knock on her door and she was in my driveway jumping my car battery.

A neighbor is a luxury.
A neighbor with resources is a rare commodity.

Homeless people don’t have that. They don’t have a neighborhood or stable neighbors. At best they have a street family for community and protection – but it isn’t the same. They don’t live in areas where it is safe to ride a bike or knock on doors at 7:45 am.

Great fences make great neighbors. People who have no homes.also have no neighbors and no way to define a space as theirs and private.

Privacy is essential to mental health. People are in my house all of the time, but nothing compares to closing the door and sighing when they leave.

Neighbors are a luxury, community is a luxury and privacy is an essential.


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