It is unfortunate when you have an unpleasant body smell. Sometimes they can be avoided, but sometimes they are results of lifestyle choices or financial situations.

Smokers: breath mints in the inside and Fabreeze on the outside (or stop smoking).


Urine leaks : while baby wipes may seem to be the logical answer, a better choice is hand sanitizer. The alcohol kills the bacteria that smells like ammonia. Do NOT apply directly to your sensitive areas…it burns (or so I’ve read…yah, let’s go with that) Instead rub into the fabric facing away from your skin.
On mattresses use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide (also good for blood spills… so the next time you have to get blood off of you before the police come, you will be prepared).

Marijuana: be aware that your smell may be a status symbol or matter of pride, or flipping the finger to the public at large, but to me; you stunk like dead skunk facts. So 1. Wash yourself, especially your hair, 2. Put on clothes that you have not smoked in or around.

Underarm alarm: *. Hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol (if you have no open wounds) *. Baby wipes * liquid soap from the public bathroom (I did this once and worried about a stream of bubbles starting to flow down my sleeve that never happened but the worry was real)

Shoes *take Zinc daily and your feet will stop stinking *baby powder in your shoes or socks will absorb the sweat to keep you from stinking

Bad breath: * brush your teeth * gum * chew parlsey* see a dentist

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