Respect and Compassion

I work in the front lobby of a fairly busy social service office. Several times a day we are filled to capacity with hungry folks applying for food assistance.

Each and every person has to walk by a guard who constantly eats. At the moment the room smells like chicharones…or dirty butt. He eats sandwiches, ice cream, burritos, Frappuccinoso, and candy from an hour before his start time (yes, he arrives early to get a jump on the eating) until close. Once he forgot to pull down the American Flag because he had more eating to complete.

Yes, it is gross to watch a man I had to ask to “chew with your mouth closed”. I spend 6 out of 9 hours wanting to vomit.

Have compassion for the hungry and don’t gorge yourself in their presence. Have respect for your coworkers and use their same break room. You are no worse or better than they and should feel free to join them in their repast.

But most of all… be aware that I just may poke on you for your nauseating behaviour.



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