It is unfortunate when you have an unpleasant body smell. Sometimes they can be avoided, but sometimes they are results of lifestyle choices or financial situations. Smokers: breath mints in the inside and Fabreeze on the outside (or stop smoking). Urine leaks : while baby wipes may seem to be the logical answer, a betterContinue reading

Income Verification … a daunting request

Income is not a topic that we typically discuss in public. I see many families who have absolutely no income other than government assistance. I imagine it would be very embarrassing and awkward to disclose that to the strangers who are going to be educating your child. I have to wonder, why does the LosContinue reading “Income Verification … a daunting request”

Respect and Compassion

I work in the front lobby of a fairly busy social service office. Several times a day we are filled to capacity with hungry folks applying for food assistance. Each and every person has to walk by a guard who constantly eats. At the moment the room smells like chicharones…or dirty butt. He eats sandwiches,Continue reading “Respect and Compassion”

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