I hate these pants. Belly banjo

I have always hated these pants. Today these pants broke and I got to play Belly Banjo all day when I wasn’t busy playing pull up your pants so you can walk.

After they broke, I took a rubber band and tried to connect the sides together which created more or less of a guitar or banjo effect across my belly. Even then my parents kept trying to slip off. This was not sexy. It was especially not attractive because I was wearing skin colored (my color, that is) Spanx because I always have a problem with these pants fitting right.

After work I took a walk around the Hansen Dam to possibly deflate my fatness and really it was too much for me. I could not take these pants a moment longer. I literally took them off in the parking lot and threw them away. Hopefully some homeless person will find them and love them in ways that I never could.

So why am I telling you this? I’m going back to grad school, I still don’t receive child support from the baby’s dad, I have still a fairly new job, and oh yeah paying for grad school and a child all by myself is expensive so I’m a little bit poor. All of these things are stressors and I am a stressful eater. So all that beautiful weight I have lost 5 years ago is all found me again and I’m having a hard time taking it off.

Sometimes when we look at people who are poor or in poverty we wonder why they are fat. If they have so much problem buying food for themselves and their children how can they find enough food to make themselves fat. Next paragraph bread and sugar. Next paragraph these are the Comfort foods that rock my world and they are cheap and they’re also fattening. Next paragraph part of addressing the Health crisis and weak crisis of America but also need to involve Stress Management.
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