One More Time When Mom Was Right

Let’s talk about what not to wear.

When you have a need, and go to an office (doctor, lawyer, dentist, therapist, social service) where you expect professional assistance from an educated individual : dress to blend in with the atmosphere.

Do NOT walk into the county DPSS office in a bikini, topless, pajamas, torn sweats, etc, unless that is all you own.

Dress as the person you want others to perceive you to be.

People are shallow and although invested in your success, they tend to follow your lead. If you look like you don’t care about your situation, the professional you are visiting may not be inspired to give you more than competent service. It is like you are telling people to hold back and save their best work for someone else.

Head up, teeth brushed, hair tamed, and posture erect : prese the yourself as if you are representing the most importantperson in the world. You are-you!


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