My second “A” at USC

Deciding to apply to USC was a gamble, taken on a whim. I was freaked out and surprised when they accepted me.

I have never been a wonderful student and have chosen to go into deep debt for a Masters degree.
1. I’ve wanted to go to USC since I was 14 years old.
2. My little Bachelors degree was hard won but is now exhausted. My income potential is stifled and career options have already been explored. I’ve used it well but I need more before people will take me seriously
3. I was bored and wanted a challenge
4. So much USC memorabilia is STILL in my home that I need to take ownership of the connection.

I have spent more than a few minutes crying and feeling overwhelmed : funding this, new job in a new location, finding child care so I could go to classes, and on top of that, I had to relearn "APA Format".

But I seem to be doing well. My Policy grade is an A- , and my Human Behavior class grade is a B : there are 3 weeks left in my first semester and now I have earned A’s in assignments in each class.

This is the "A" from my neurobiology quiz. Cool, eh?

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