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Conflict theory.

Conflict is a normal part of life. Conflict is constant and creates change.

It is a fact of social life.

Psycho Dynamic theories – Freud (Id, Ego and Superego)

2 types of conflict

Within systems – Endogenous Conflict Between of systems – Exogenous
Changes of values, resources and authority Wars
Ex: laws of a country changing: Marijuana laws, gay marriage Conflicts of ideology
Personal belief systems. Understanding personal bias and values. European Migration conflict, closing country borders.

Values helps us understand and define differences.

It enhances understanding of power structures… and hoe power disparities impact people’s lives. (access to food, health, education)

Stability is temporary because Conflict is constant.

Use of Power to create and change. How do people with power maintain stability and their power? How do they engage to keep others from creating conflict (look at Marxism)

Education, religious, political institution. . . . the change makers.

Social Life

Social life and values are tied to conflict generated. They involve coercion.

Social life involves groups with different interests.

Generates opposition, exclusion and hostility.

Interest Groups have opposition and interest groups. Republican Vs Dems. Greasers vs preppy.

Carl Marx 1. The haves ( bo-jwasee) elite and the haves nots ( proletariat ) the working class who labor fir wages .

Communist manifesto

Economy and means of production. What does it take to have resources that come out of labor.

THERE IS ALWAYS A CLASS STRUGGLE between working class and elite.

Sub classes : petite Buguasue … Loompin Proletariat the unemployed working class such as homeless and unemployed.

Bye Bye Middle Class

The elite is always hiding the struggle . They mask real life issues with religion.

Ie: abortion. Working class women having trouble affording children or affording care for special needs kids, or raising children on the way .

Religion is The Opiate. It keeps the working class focused on a better life after death. The elite are focused on the Here and Now.

Labor creates Value. The owners and elite have no profits or money or wealth if the workers stop working. Profit and wealth come from the difference of

Value of goods

– Price of labor ( only a portion of the value of the product)


Profit to the elite.

Look for the CNN coverage of the Occupy Movement. CNN took 2 weeks to cover it. – the ruling class control the flow of information and the creation of knowledge.

Class consciousness is the awareness of Class positions and making the poor know they are poor and treated unequally .

Religion and Nationalism –

Nationalism – the belief that a common culture and language binds people together and they should not be subject to strangers.

Ruling elite – Corporate PERSONHOOD

Conflict Theory helps us identify groups and classes of people and the exploited.

Problems with Conflict theory

Over emphasis on polarization.

Doesn’t account for complex outside influences

Very focused on class and differences.

Social Dominance Theory – people naturally compete for resources so they establish a hierarchy.

Looks at individual motivations and social forces that create inequality and dominance.

1. Social dominance orientation

a. People have a basic drive toward Group Based Inequalities

b. Every group will be unequal

c. Every group will naturally have leaders.

d. Oh my God, Lindsey Lohan in Mean Girls. My work here is done.

2. Can happen in may structures and groups

a. Siblings

b. Governments

c. Corporations.

d. In families –

i. Older brother will have more praise and power. Younger siblings have fewer rules

ii. age

iii. gender

e. Leads to behaviors

i. Brothers may hold patriarchal values

ii. Sisters may have specific roles as well

f. Passed on from generations

i. Often cultural

1. Boys will be boys

ii. Often religious

1. Girls must wait for marriage and submit to their husband as the Christ figure in their family.

2. GAY marriage is a sin. It is a private sin expanded in society until it is a prevailing view and a law discriminating against the gays because on a personal religious belief it is a sin.

3. Things that lead to different roles

a. Education

b. Wealth

c. Access to media messages.

4. Is it learned or something you are born with Everyone belongs in a specific echelon or cast

a. A leader in one setting will be a leader in all settings

b. Always believing there is a structured hierarchy in all groups

c. You will feel uncomfortable in an unstructured environment is that is all you have known and been successful in.

5. Hierarchy is NOT fixed and can be changed based on individual perception.

Not all groups believe power goes top to bottom.

Traditional marriage. Man at top, woman in the bottom

Now marriages can look different and are more equal.

Racism and Nationalism both create natural hierarchies where one group leads and has the power.


Look for ways to have a greater level of group equality.

S.D.O. Social Dominance Orientation

Where do you fall on the scale?

Can you adapt to a new structure?


Assignment 1

also , paper is due week 5 a Case Study

Introduction of Bio Spycho Social – set up paper for analysis

1 section unit 3
1 section on ecological perspective or systems theory

Critical analysis of the throy – the strengths and limitations of the theory.

8-31 506 notes.docx

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