notes from August 31, Monday Night Class

506 Next Monday there is No class !! Boo! Conflict theory. Conflict is a normal part of life. Conflict is constant and creates change. It is a fact of social life. Psycho Dynamic theories – Freud (Id, Ego and Superego) 2 types of conflict Within systems – Endogenous Conflict Between of systems – Exogenous ChangesContinue reading “notes from August 31, Monday Night Class”

Tips for test taking

As I try new things, you are coming along for the ride. I’ve been telling you how stunted I feel with just a B.A., and you’ve heard my USC dreams, so now the I am here : enjoy! This was on my FB feed today, and I’m popping it here for reference in the future.Continue reading “Tips for test taking”

popular vs scholarly information

These are my notes for researching my first Grad School paper. This is sure to bore you. 3 basic resource information demographic information – popular sources that are as up to date as possible. try Census { }   and local Newspaper information. http // Scholarly – use the inter-library Loan to bypass paywalls toContinue reading “popular vs scholarly information”

NYPD Union Disgustingly Shames Homeless In Protest Of Police Reform Proposals …

Quality of Life offense? Homeless people deserve a better quality if life: what plans can we make.other than secretly photographing them? Is handing your business card to.someobe you stop on Police Business really so aweful Look what I found at! Sonya Keith 626.755.8015

London Bar Owner Sent To Prison For Killing Wealthy American Man He Thought Was Homeless

The story is a little odd, but clearly the bar owner thought a jomeless an deserved to be robbed and assaulted.

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