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I get caught up in arguments about poverty. It is a topic near and dear to me and I’ve studies and experienced it.

I fact check everything.
I read articles and studies.
Also, I’ve worked in the Welfare to Work program for over 8 years.

When I correct you: I am CORRECTING you with authority – not casually tossing in observations or passing on urban leans or "Fox News" nonsense.

Do not get into drug testing welfare recipients and the over taxation you’re experience to give cash to lazy people who make babies for profit.

People would make more money selling babies in the black market and live more stable lives than if they had a child for the $300 or less they receive monthly to raise the baby.

You can and should have opinions, but I will scribble all over them with my red correcting pen just like in school. Facts are easy enough to find – I’ve found them.

Don’t make me school you.

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