It’s been a crazy 2 weeks

Okay, 3 weeks or more. I don’t like change;it freaks me out so deciding to jump into $90,000 of USC Grad School debt and switching jobs has me well beyond my comfort zone. (Like, not enough Limon potato chips and Diet Coke to far into the freak out zone.) So I apologize for slapping linksContinue reading “It’s been a crazy 2 weeks”

I am unable to sleep – I am haunted by the words of my trainer.

Training for my new job started last Monday and i have been waking up at 4:30 am each day to get ready, prepare and drop off Darla and then drive for an hour to Norwalk where my training is. I understand how hard it is to train and smile at the same faces 8 hoursContinue reading “I am unable to sleep – I am haunted by the words of my trainer.”

I may quit my dream job

Oh dear God. Domestic Violence training is so poorly taught that I may walk out of class. My instructor went on a 20 minute tangent about how victims seek out abusive behavior. I am keeping a written list of other troubling remarks such as "it takes two to tango" and "some women want the abuseContinue reading “I may quit my dream job”

All you need to know about the Tap bus card

Do you remember having to have exact change and buying $0.2 cent paper transfers as you rode across town on the bus? Those days are long gone for any transit system and a new plan is in place. It is called the TAP card because you “tap” it against a big blue button and theContinue reading “All you need to know about the Tap bus card”

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