Dear @24hourfitness

Dear 24 Hour Fitness,

We need to talk. First of all, I appologize for ruffling feathers with my suggestion that people find the money for a gym membership if they see a financially destabilizing and possibly homless making crisis is on the way. I will not say that I am sorry for suggesting that everyone benefits from hygeine and stress reducing excercize but I have heard that many people understood my message as “Hey, move into the Gym and store all your stuff in the lockers and sleep in the steam room. No one will know!”

No, people, just no. a gym is not a home but it does have handy features like showers and built in soap with shampoo. A successful Food Stamp budget that covers the entire month is rediculiously starchy and some work outs may be needed to keep you in your clothes because buying larger sizes is not an affordable option. Also, excercize is good for mental health. I prefer the people around me ( Housed and not housed) to be clean and as well adjusted as possible – don’t you?).

I took my own advice and scraped up the membership money and even paid the $25 a month for child care in the Burbank Empire Super Sport. Three days later someone in the gym asked about my blog asI sat in the hot tub. Oh boy, did I get an ear full! The very next day the motor to the hot tub went out. Then the pool lost heat. Nine weeks later the issues are not resolved.

Should I be taking this personally?

Are you mad at me?

I went by today at lunch to swim ( the kid has soccer this evening so I can’t go in ) and it was a rather Polar Experience. Please accept my appologies and fix things!

Your still fat and now freezing member – Sonya

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