Blame the mother? Must we ?

When a woman is paid significantly less than a man is, and the man in her family is not in the home but she has children to feed : a boyfriend is as much an economical tool as he is an emotional partner. If men are paid more, then a man is needed to pay the bills.

But not all men are good men and a 22 year old is barely more than a child. So when a mother has a man live with her family and builds a relationship and he explodes: is it her fault or his?

If I send my child to school and the teacher hurts her, is it my fault or the teacher’s fault?

If I take my child to church and the minister hurts her: done blame the minister or myself?

If I bring my child home and my boyfriend hurts her: why am I now to blame where I was absolved before?

And why don’t we have sympathy and support for grieving parents? Where are the exit routes out of these bad relationships? Where is the ability for a woman to financially support her own children alone?


I hate Facebook comments.

Domestic Violence is a real thing, a real problem, and absolutely impossible to understand until you’ve felt trapped and hopeless.

http://www.Baby Allegedly Beaten by Mom’s Boyfriend Not Expected to Survive: Family | NBC Southern

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