Eminem’ Lose Yourself in ASL

"Foodstamps don’t buy diapers" is the truth.

Enjoy the sign language version of the song.

Eminem’s "Lose Yourself" in American Sign Language Is Incredible: Watch

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One thought on “Eminem’ Lose Yourself in ASL

  1. While the legal fiction is that “”Foodstamps don’t buy diapers” (doing so would be a violation of federal law), the reality is that one can buy any damn thing they want with food stamps simply by applying a bit of creativity. This is because we live in a market economy where goods and services are freely exchanged at will. Those who created this program seem to have flunked basic econ 101. While I won’t go into the details of the many ways in which Food stamps could concieveably be used to buy diapers it’s not rocket science to apply the basic economic principles of free trade to this problem. It is for this reason that I contend that all public benefits provided ought be paid in cash removing artificial bureaucratic restrictions on their use and enabling the recipient to allocate those resources efficiently as applied to their specific situation. will people use food stamps (or other public benefits) to buy drugs or other illicit materials/substances if said benefits are paid directly in cash?…. Sure they will in some cases, but that doesn’t change things from how it is now and the present system is burdensome, bureaucratic, and raises taxpayer cost. Are people abusing the system now? Yes, there is and always will be a certain level of abuse. Presently all one need do to buy any commodity with food stamps is participate in our system of free exchange of goods and services. That’s basic economics, the way it is, and the way it always will be. Legislating bureaucratic nonsense by people who have no practical street level view of how this works in practice fails to solve the issue of human suffering. Let’s simplify this and remove the legal fiction of what can and can not be bought with public benefits. Provisioning these benefits as direct cash grants would lessen the cost to the taxpayer while better addressing human suffering. That is a good deal for everyone.

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