Money, Poverty, Prejudice and Being “A Basic”

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Somewhere in all of Ben Franklin’s writings is a statement that is acceptable to change your mind in the face of better evidence and knowledge and to remain stubbornly in your mindset makes you a fool and a slave to your ego.

With this in mind, I am always re-evalutaing my stance on things and constantly finding that I am one of those “basic girls” who lives in Suburbia , loves Target a little too much, and has rock hard abs … I mean absolute opinions about things I know better than to have those views on. I also kinda want to leave the saving the world gig at the office or designated to dedicated volunteer time.

Because we are all friends here, and this is a blog I am writing from my personal opinion for the average acquaintance, I will give you some examples

  1. I am still a registered Republican. I just can’t forego the hope that they will get it together and stop their quirky and dangerous ideas about needing to dominate women’s choices.
  2. Even I still think of an old black man when I first think about homelessness. Now, on Skid Row, that was my average demographic so it is almost understandable. But, it blows my mind to actually force myself to acknowledge that all the kids I see at work are homeless. All. The. Kids.
  3. Asking for a better situation for myself and demanding respect still fills me with dread and guilt. When I do dig in my heals I am always sure to hear what a stuck up B*tch I am to think I am so uppity and too good for the people who act out. (Yes Donald Nelson and Ryan Scott Keith – I am looking at you.)
  4. Change is scary. I have has the same job for eight years because I am too afraid to change. Right now I have applications into Graduate schools and I am terrified as much by the idea of acceptance as by rejection.
  5. I still want to blame poverty on personal choices and laziness. (OMG, now you see why the Republican Party has not disowned me yet – right?) It is convenient and easy to understand if only on a surface level and it irradiates any chance that I might be participating in society’s behaviors to create a lower class of citizens. This is especially true of my week long E-Bay addiction. I had to remind myself that anything I can order for under a dollar from China is probably made by a person not being paid a living wage and certainly not living in humane conditions – but my consumption of the product keeps their employers in business.

But, the crazy thing is that I am social worker who works with poor people all the time, and am by “living wage” standards living below the poverty line myself. I know better. I am supposed to be teaching you to be better informed and more compassionate.

Like I said : I am always changing.

money , poverty , and prejudice
money , poverty , and prejudice

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