Multilingual or just tech savvy?

I led a 72 minute one on one meeting all in Korean today.
While clearly I should have mad Mandarin skills from a childhood in Arcadia,CA – only two of my friends were Korean and both quickly assimilated and became English fluent.

So how did I pull this off ,including the translation of non-pretranslated documents?


Google! Google translate saved the day. My Korean coworker was out for the day and the person in charge of the Avaso-Language Line was unavailable so I did the next best thing. I used my 42 words of Korean and a digital translator that also spoke in Korean – then translated her Korean into English  for me.

It was a long but smooth meeting and mission accomplished.

What surprised me was all my coworkers coming by to see what I was going. Google Translate has been around for many years, this shouldn’t be new to anyone.

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