This is Social Work

I am not real unless you believe in me. I have no voice unless you listen for it. Much like a shadow, I can be seen but I have no power to move objects or create change. Sometimes, however, seeing a shadow will make you stop, look carefully, or even change direction. It is hardContinue reading “This is Social Work”

How One-On-One Tutoring Is Creating Possibilities For LA’s Homeless Youth

School on Wheels is awesome! Good job @uscannenberg & @SchoolonWheels The average homeless student falls 3 months behind their class every time they switch schools and the stress of homelessness means mom or dad may not have the time or a place to help with homework and school related work. School on Wheels bridges thatContinue reading “How One-On-One Tutoring Is Creating Possibilities For LA’s Homeless Youth”

Well, Hell

“I just had a miscarriage and I know I should snap out of it and do my thing, but I’m so sad and depressed.” Crap. I need to talk to this person and do it so she doesn’t see the obviously pregnant people I am surrounded by. And here I was, complaining that my boiledContinue reading “Well, Hell”

President Obama Doesn’t Know About the Poverty Illuminati

Secret Meeting of the Poverty Illuminati : my house tomorrow at noon. Bring plans to use your E.B.T. card to outsource jobs, keep rich people from paying taxes and giving billions in Food Stamp funds to millionaire farmers. Let’s go people. .. this country isn’t going to ruin itself! (P.s. I just made that up.Continue reading “President Obama Doesn’t Know About the Poverty Illuminati”

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