The Ugly Heartbreak

Of the true face of homelessness.

She was quivering and holding so tightly to the chair that her fingers lost color. Her eyes couldn’t meet mine and tears leaked out of them.

This poor mother has a second grade education and mental illness so profound I think she barely heard me over the voices in her head. Lack of education and adequate Healthcare guided this mother into prison from which she recently emerged.

She can’t read, can barely write, and is afraid of her own shadow.

And somehow I am supposed to find a way for her to stabilize and find a home … and a sustainable plan to keep her family there.

The best plan is to build a time machine and find her psychiatric care, private tutoring and enough support that she wouldn’t have turned to sex as a young teen to make herself feel better.

She isn’t stupid. She is not a wasted life. She matters and I am awake at midnight trying get to plot her escape.


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