Dirty Work

Wash your hands. Just, please, wash them. Also – note the nearest restroom to the office you just walked out of.
I just came out of the ladies room and saw someone with signed papers in her mouth while she washed her hands. based on the location and smell – I assume she wasn’t just dropping in to suds up and leave.

Confidentiality is important in any job involving signatures and private information. In my current location – I am as far away from the loo as humanly possible. It takes a five minute planning window to get from desk chair to porcelain throne. If I am walking down to the lobby or back from the copy machine I will pass all three bathrooms. Should Nature call my name while I am in front of one of them, I am dropping in. The idea of walking an extra 1000 yards to my desk and back is humorous only if you remember how I waddle and the concept of " Porcelain RADAR : needing to pee in increased urgency the closer you are to a toilet).

I know I am not the only person who feels like this and I am not the only office with "geographically undesirable" restrooms. With the exception of my LAMP Lodge office which was an apartment with it’s own restroom – the bathroom is always far far away. I do my best to never go in with a cup, bottle or paperwork , and I am sure most people do the same – but it does happen.

And sometimes $h!t happens too and we have to hold your papers…. and then you touch them after they emerge from the bathroom….

so – just trust me and wash your hands.

#sanitation #nojobisfinisheduntilthepaperworkisdone #ewww #washyourhands

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