The Ugly Heartbreak

Of the true face of homelessness. She was quivering and holding so tightly to the chair that her fingers lost color. Her eyes couldn’t meet mine and tears leaked out of them. This poor mother has a second grade education and mental illness so profound I think she barely heard me over the voices inContinue reading “The Ugly Heartbreak”

Dirty Work

Wash your hands. Just, please, wash them. Also – note the nearest restroom to the office you just walked out of. I just came out of the ladies room and saw someone with signed papers in her mouth while she washed her hands. based on the location and smell – I assume she wasn’t justContinue reading “Dirty Work”

Not enough coffee for a Monday

7-Eleven is my Starbucks for the poor and no, this is not enough coffee. 15% of my work is out for review and I just realized Memorial day is 10 business days away. Ahhhhh… the pressures. Oh, and the absolutely homeless people who have come to me as a last resort and I don’t haveContinue reading “Not enough coffee for a Monday”

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