How to MEND poverty

I want to write a children’s book about being poor and homeless. It has been rattling around for my brain for a while now.

The real story happen soon every day at Meet Each Need with Dignity in Pacoima.

For folks who can’t afford it : medical, dental, vision, clinics, medical specialist for Diabetes and a dispensary for medications is priceless. With Obama Care the government stopped funding many clinical services and other free clinics turned to the same funders MEND always appealed to. Bless the finders and applaud their desire to do the most good for as many folks as they can reach! The competition for funds means MEND is funded less than usual.

Also with Obama Care, drug companies raised prices to "lock in" rates that will keep them profitable.

It is a perfect storm.

Higher priced drugs mixed with reduced ability to pay for the. And MEND is in a crunch.

This is my weekend hang out. My friends, neighbors and clients are here and if I could, I would duplicate this model and place one in El Monte and one in West L.A. because the services are universally needed.

Check them out

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