When feeding your hunger isn’t always a SNAP

I’ve lived in Foodstamps. It was aweful.


By now I’m sure you’ve heard of the SNAP challenge that many celebrities are joining in on. I saw it but didn’t give it too much attention because it’s nowhere near the same as living on a meager food budget day after day, week after week, sometimes year after year.  It’s not a challenge, it comes across like a game. It’s kind of fun to stretch your buck and see how many meals you can squeeze out of a set budget, but not if you have no other choice. I realized this. I also believed that if I were hungry I would eat whatever I could, so the challenge was stupid. $30 budget? 30 boxes of pasta, done. If you’re hungry, you’ll eat, right?

I understand that some enjoy the thrill of the hunt type of thing and avidly scour sale flyers and clip coupons. My mother in law was the…

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