26 Things Everyone Should Be Told

1 The World is lucky to have you living in it
2 Your opinion is valid
3 Your feelings matter
4 People want to see you happy
5 Laugh when you want to
6 Cry when you need to
7 Love when the spirit moves you
8 Dance with joy
9 Have a purpose
10 You deserve respect
11 Your respect has to be earned
12 Your respect is worth earning
13 Your friendship is a treasured gift
14 The way you were raised is just fine with everyone if it is fine with you
15 Other people will have opinions about you – you decide if those opinions matter
16 Sometimes you may cause laughter and be caught up on a joke, but you are no joke
17 Your hand can grasp the hand of someone else in friendship – try it out.
18 Sing when you want to
19 Love who you want to
20 Hate takes up too much time, you are too good for that
21 Some people won’t understand you : decide if they are worth giving an education to
22 You will make friends , you will lose friends – it happens.
23 Popularity is useless . Liking yourself is better.
24 Money is a tool, not a measuring stick
25 Love is a feeling, love can cause a relationship, but love is not a measure of your value
26 Learn to take care of yourself: emotionally, physically, financially before having a relationship with a lover or having a child.

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