Rap , Art , and the road to Prison. Black vs White”

"Once upon a time an angry princess work herself up from a.sleeping curse. She was disgruntled that no one tried to kiss her awake so she walked through her kingdom with a pocket of sleeping pills, dropping them in coffee mugs and water bottles wherever she went."

For all of you who ever crafted a fairy tale for your children, wrote it down , or YouTube’d yourself telling it : should you go to jail if someone else acts it out?
Should I be arrested if someone starts dosing people around them with Ambien?

No. That’s silly. Especially if the criminal never knew my story existed and I never profited from it …and super especially if we had no knowledge of each other.

But … if "Little Doo", a black male rapper, made a homegrown production of this story into a rap – and then someone committed a similar crime.. well, that man is going to jail.


How Police And Prosecutors Are Treating ‘Rapping While Black’ Like A Crime

Article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/03/31/rap-music-prosecutions_n_6949078.html

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